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What is the purpose of

Homemade foods is comfort, quality and care.  Someone took time to create whatever it is you are eating, and they did it with love. 

Our purpose is simple:

1. Make homemade quality to those who may not find it any other way.

2. Bring visibility to homemade and small batch food artisans who can use help in letting people know they exist.

3. Giving back directly to communities where food artisan members are located

What do the icons mean?

We understand that different people have different food preferences, even when they are homemade.  We are trying to help people to know what may be the best options for their preferences with different visuals.

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Will we ever deliver?

We never say never.   And we know that in order to continue to our purpose of connecting people and giving back to communities, we may need to start that.

For now, our focus is around building a platform with options for people to browse through, and provide the information for how and where to get the yummy treats.

Do you buy the foods directly from

We are not planning to do the purchasing and deliver right now.  We believe there is something truly unique  in the relationship between a food artisan and a customer directly.  Plus, there are government regulations we understand and are aware of that can limit online sales, depending on where the food artisan is located.

What we do aspire to do is to help people who are too busy to find time to cook easily find alternatives to the restaurant take out menus they often rely on.  Increase awareness of homemade food sources in communities around the world, that may otherwise remain as hidden gems that average busy people never find.



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Why is it called a community and not just a website?

The community element is very important to us.  
We want to help people find home-made foods, but not to limit it to just a transaction. We hope to create a space to connect people, enabling conversations, asking & answering questions. Sharing recipes. Maybe even a quick video giving you an idea about what else to eat with your great find. We also believe in giving back to communities that are participating. 
Our commitment is to give back 10% of all year end profits to charities in the communities of those who subscribe to Each year, a team of advisers will help us to determine the best ways to give back to the communities directly.

Who is the customer of the community?

We have two types of customers...

1. Those who love to make homemade foods

2. Those who would love to enjoy homemade foods but either don't cook or have no time

​From the Farmer's Market shopper to the mom in need of cupcakes for a school activity.  From the ex-pat living abroad and missing their foods from home, to the working professional who just can't find time to grocery shop or cook for themselves. is about connecting people with a common love and appreciation of homemade quality.

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What are we doing exactly?

Are you good at what you do and passionate about it, but dislike grocery shopping and cooking?  

If so, think Etsy, but for homemade foods!   Or an online farmer's market. Shop for things you like that are homemade, but you don't need to cook them or cleanup.  

Do you cook?  

If so, think of AirBNB or Uber for food.  A way to make your passion into a business, on your termsWe are looking to create a community networking platform that connects those who love to make home-made foods, with those who want to find them. A place where the focus is on food made with passion, not additives and preservatives. 

Whether it's about handmade baked or canned goods, gluten-free or vegan options, or artisanal foodstuffs, we want to enable those connections that are often found in farmers' markets to create a sense of community and to help you find that hidden food gem.

Our goal is to facilitate gifted cooks, for whom the marketing and advertising aspects may be overwhelming, to make a small business out of their talent. And then to create a one-stop website for people wanting to find quality, home-made foods!

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Do we taste test every product our members' list?

Not at all!  

Have you ever read a food review, and disagreed with what they thought?  We sure have!  

Our purpose is about inspiring connections around homemade foods, not to be food critics. 

But with that said, we do believe so much in the homemade food experience that we still take the time to go to markets, and taste new things whenever we can!