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The Feastos Story

What are we doing exactly?

Are you good at what you do and passionate about it, but dislike grocery shopping and cooking?  

If so, think Etsy, but for homemade foods!   Or an online farmer's market. Shop for things you like that are homemade, but you don't need to cook them or cleanup.  

Do you cook?  

If so, think of AirBNB or Uber for food.  A way to make your passion into a business, on your terms.  We are looking to create a community networking platform that connects those who love to make home-made foods, with those who want to find them. A place where the focus is on food made with passion, not additives and preservatives. 
Whether it's about handmade baked or canned goods, gluten-free or vegan options, or artisanal foodstuffs, we want to enable those connections that are often found in farmers' markets to create a sense of community and to help you find that hidden food gem.
Our goal is to facilitate gifted cooks, for whom the marketing and advertising aspects may be overwhelming, to make a small business out of their talent. And then to create a one-stop website for people wanting to find quality, home-made foods!

It's about home-made, quality food because we care.

What if you could eat better and tastier food - with someone else doing the cleanup...

Have you ever been homesick and wish you could find the comfort foods that you are craving? Ever tried to replicate a friend's recipe of the perfect soup or cake and no matter how hard you try, you just can't get it right? What about being invited to a pot luck or asked to provide goodies for your child's bake sale, but you don't have time or you don't know how to cook, so you show up with a store bought item. Or those occasions when you want to help someone who is sick or grieving, or who has just had a newborn, and you'd love to bring them some good meals, but you can't make something yourself?

Home-made food is a great way to show you care. About the people around you. About health and wellness. About yourself. 

We believe in home-made and home-grown foods as a way of life, but we also know that it's not so easy for everyone. Whether because of a lack of time or know-how, it's not always convenient for people to have home-made foods. 

But what if it was easy?...