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Aspiring Food Sellers

You make delicious homemade food, and you’re ready to start a business, but the process is daunting. What can Feastos do for you?

Community & Networking

Get to know business owners who can help you make connections and understand the ins and outs of owning a homemade food business.

As we grow, we hope  to help you understand the steps needed to establish your homemade food business and mentor you along the way. We hope you’ll come along for the ride!

Web Presence & Marketing

We want to help you turn your passion into a business on your terms. We can ease the burden by providing you with an immediate web presence and advertising while you handle the food artistry and get your business off the ground.

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Bringing Homemade Food Home Again

Our mission is to connect people who want homemade foods with local food artisans.

We believe in a new network of alternatives to traditional take-out menus: from cook to your table in in one degree of separation!

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Food Sellers

You have a homemade food business. You sell at local farmers’ markets, on Etsy, or on your own website. What can Feastos do for you?

Community & Networking

Connect with fellow small businesspeople, and meet customers who want to find you. Feastos is a community of makers and eaters where the focus is on food made with passion–not additives and preservatives. Whether it’s about handmade baked or canned goods, gluten-free or vegan options, or artisanal foodstuffs, we want to enable those connections that are often found in farmers’ markets within our online community.

Gain Customers

Membership allows you to list your products in our marketplace. Customers browse products, ask questions, and leave reviews, but they don’t purchase through the site. Instead, we connect them with you directly, or let them know where to find you, and you close the deal however you see fit! Fulfill orders on your terms. We can serve as your shop’s sole web presence or supplement an existing website.

Expand Your Marketing Reach

In addition to posting your products in our catalog, we market your homemade food business on social media. For the average cost of registration at one farmer’s market, you’ll get a years’ worth of advertising!

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You love to eat, and you want to feed your family fresh food while supporting small, local businesses. How can Feastos help you?

Community & Networking

Whether you are a diehard foodie or a humble home chef trying to learn your way around the kitchen, we’ve got something for you.  Discuss your favorite eats, get kitchen tips, and more. Check back regularly for new content and new vendors. Follow us on social media for recipes, local happenings, and Feastos updates!

Shop the Marketplace

Browse our catalog of delicious homemade foods prepared by local food sellers. When you find something you like, connect directly with the seller to make a purchase. We don’t sell products directly on, but instead facilitate the discovery of established food sellers whom you may not have met yet at the local farmer’s market.

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